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II Grandmother Film Festival

Foto's en Pers ​This Film Festival screens personal films and animations about grandmothers. In some films, the grandmother has already past away but is present through her objects and the memories of the grandchild. Vulnerability and death are also present. ​ ​Friday. Day 1 19.00 Opening 20.00 Mountain of the Strong, Proud Women (Hanna Wildow, 2014, SE) 45 min Live Video Performance In a collage made up of interviews with Wildow’s grandmother, Inga Svensson, the archive she constructed around the mountain Omberg, a sound piece by Imri Sandström, and a video of the mountain, a work in four voices unfolds. 22:00 Granny Project (Balint Revesz, 2017, HU/GB) 90 min Three grandsons embark with t



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